Transform Your Data Into Measurable Value

Effective population health initiatives are challenging to implement for a variety of reasons. Care teams are already overburdened, and healthcare data is challenging to aggregate and analyze. These factors make it difficult to accurately identify patients who are high-risk or have rising risk for poor outcomes and provide appropriate intervention.

In this webinar, Dr. Welch shares best practice strategies for utilizing analytics that empower change with actionable workflows, like patient engagement, to ensure that clinically integrated entities can manage high-risk populations appropriately, while also caring for those with rising risk, and engaging with healthy populations mapped to the right targeted interventions.
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Melissa Welch, MD

Melissa Welch joined Health Catalyst in June 2022 as the Chief Medical Officer. An accomplished, senior physician executive with 35 years of leadership, management, and health care strategic impacts, Melissa’s career spans private and public healthcare sectors. She has successfully built physician and allied clinical teams, stabilized quality, and operations, and executed critical value-based care results. Prior to joining Health Catalyst, Melissa served in many roles, including Vice President of Clinical Quality, Network and Markets Support at Blue Shield of California, Head of Regional Care Management at Aetna, and Chief Medical Officer of San Francisco’s Community Health Network. Melissa began her career as a Medical Director of a community public health clinic. She holds a B.S. in Biology from the University of California Irvine, an MPH in Epidemiology from U.C. Berkeley, is a graduate of Harvard Medical School, and is Board Certified in Primary Care, Internal Medicine. Dr. Welch completed her residency training at U.C. San Francisco/ San Francisco General and was previously an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine.

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Melissa Welch, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Health Catalyst